Dog Aggression

Dog Aggression Training Guide And Tips

Dogs are a naturally aggressive species. Before domestication, aggression was extremely handy for dogs. Dogs must have aggression to hunt, to defend their food, to mate, etc...

But, that doesn't mean that we must be unable to help in the aspect of training the dogs we own. There are steps we can take to stop aggression from rearing it's head.

One particular form of dog aggression is the aggression directed at strangers. The method of accustoming your dog to society and it's strange people is referred to as "socialization". This is a very important segment of training your dog. It means exposing it from a young age to a wide variety of happenings, people, and animals.

When socializing your dog, you're getting him to understand through experience that unfamiliar sights and sounds can be good, instead of dangerous. To socialize your dog can be more of a general lifestyle instead of a specific method. This involves simply spending more time interacting with your dog around unfamiliar territory.

Aggression towards family members should be treated in a different way. Aggression towards family members is indicative that the dog is feels the need to defend a imagined threat (you). Or, it isn't comfortable with the treatment it is receiving from it's surroundings. Sometimes this is called "resource guarding".

Resource guarding is a common trait among dogs. It is in reference to aggressive-possessive behavior shown your dog. Resource guarding is a old form of dominant behavior . If a dog viewed itself as bottom of the pack hierarchy, it would not imagine exhibiting aggressive or dominant behavior directed towards a higher ranked member of the pack.

The most effective training method for aggressive/dominant dog behavior is consistent, constant obedience practice. That can make clear your authority over the dog. Schedule obedience sessions short and productive . No horse-playing and no foul behavior.

Dogs display aggression for a reason. It is vital to progress slow with a dog's obedience/aggression training. For complete knowledge on handling aggressive dog behavior, handling disobedient dog behavior, in addition to all other dog behavior, training, and care answers, it is a good idea to obtain a high-quality dog training book to train your dog correctly.

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