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Every Dog Must Have His Day - And His Bed

Imagine lying down after a long, hard day, only to find that your bed is made of Styrofoam pellets. Or worse, wood chips. Not exactly the comfort and relief you had in mind, is it?

Yet that's what many dog owners subject their beloved pooches to. Most dog beds are made of surplus cloth with various fill materials — none of which provide for the pet's comfort or well-being, not to mention the health of your home environment.

Fortunately, there's a new kind of bed that's said to be a dream for dogs (and their owners). Comfortable and durable, this new creation offers a variety of features, including:

• Resistance to pest infestation, such as fleas and ticks. An important consideration since, in most households, when the dog has fleas, you have fleas.
• Resistance to the transfer of odors, oils and dirt. It doesn't matter how often you wash your dog if he just ends up lying back down in a dirty bed.
• Ergonomic and skeletal support. Dogs, like humans, need a bed that will be supportive to their skeletal makeup, especially older dogs. Dura-Bull Dog Bedz are constructed internally using two inches of high-density foam (for skeletal support) layered on top of two inches of pliable memory foam (for comfort and endurance).
• Resistance to water and weather. Dog beds get wet and, if the dog sleeps outside, can be exposed to all sorts of weather conditions such as rain, snow and extreme heat. They need to stand up to that kind of wear and tear.
• Multiple usage. A dog bed should be easily transportable for usage in the home, SUV, truck, boat or campground.
• Able to withstand damage and a dog's daily use. Dogs are unpredictable and very inventive. A dog bed should be tough enough to hold up against playing and chewing.

Dura-Bull beds are encased using a high grade, durable, marine-grade vinyl fabric. This fabric is "rip-stop," very strong and is impervious to pests and the transference of odors. Plus, the beds are easily wiped or hosed clean, quick to dry and stain-resistant.

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