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World Record Tips The Scale For Humanitarian Dog C

It really is one of the toughest dog sports anywhere. Ice, wind, below-zero freezing conditions, and trails through rugged terrain all go together to create one of the toughest ordeals canine athletes face. Even though mushing dogs are bred for this tough “sport of dog sports” (known as “dog sledding to most people) the key appears to be dog care nutrition. Dog care nutrition is the essential issue to performance and World Champion Lance Mackey has just proved it.

World Champion Lance Mackey set a first ever record by being the first person to win back to back Yukon Quest and Iditarod Championships, and doing it for the second year in a row. But note this: The once touted “impossible feat” scored with an additional veterinarian’s “humanitarian touch” in dog care.

You read that right.

Veterinarians in charge of oversight of the Yukon Quest (arguably the toughest mushing course in the world), presented Lance Mackey with their award for his dog care program. Amazing in itself, given the rigors of this toughest of dog sports.

When asked what he does, Lance focuses attention on his nutritional approach (now available to every dog owner). The approach he utilizes has “…made all the difference in performance and good health”, he repeats almost mantra-like.

The fact of the matter is: His dogs simply do not sustain serious injuries on the tough trails.

Understand what the big deal is. Lance and his dog team achieved what experts once considered “impossible”. They won the grueling 1000 mile Yukon Quest and then, two weeks later, entered the celebrated 1100 mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race championship and won it too.

On top of that came the Humanitarian Award from the vets to Lance Mackey for his dog care approach. Again, the real heart of the issue for all dog lovers is the potent nutrition Lance uses with his dogs. Simply put, they always appear – and achieve – at levels above “excellent”.

There’s something special going on in dog care, and it’s not just about dog sports or mushing. Lance is on to something here and it has consistently given his dogs the edge.

Hence, this report.

Dog owners all over the world – with or without “mushing” experience or interest – should take careful note. The theme is “success and performance” coupled with “superior dog care”.

Dog Care: “I Didn’t Invent the Approach. But I Certainly Believe in it.”

According to Lance Mackey, there is no “secret” here. Both superior dog care and superior dog performance are possible in this approach to dog care nourishment. “This isn’t just about mushing. It’s not even about dog sports. It is about an extraordinary dog care breakthrough in nutrition. I didn’t invent the approach. But I certainly believe in it”, says Lance.

If Mackey is correct, it’s not just dog sports that benefit. Dogs everywhere can benefit from the superlative potential…

- performance and endurance
- reduction or elimination of obesity traits
- gains in muscle tone
- gains in mental focus and attitude (that’s dog “attitude”, as in “happy”, aware, affectionate, and “settled”).

But, yes, dog sports will benefit – and are benefiting – from the new gains in the dog care nutritional sciences. Witness two amazing “dog care nutrition” facts here. The first is that Lance Mackey and his dogs won what the mushing world calls a “Double – double”, meaning, two wins in the two championships, two years back to back.

But, in the Iditarod championships of those two years, at least 8 among the two “Top 10” sets of 20 finishers use some aspect of the dog care approach used by Lance Mackey. It’s simple and it turns dogs into really healthy, better-attitude pets. Furthermore, when necessary, it provides the nutritional potential for top performing canine athletes throughout the world of dog sports.

Dog Sports and Dog Care: Potential is Now Achievable for All Dog Sports

Until Lance and his dog sled team achieved these milestones, no one believed it was possible to win even one set of the two championships, much less back to back. Now, dog sports – and dog care enthusiasts – will do well to comb every detail of Lance Mackey’s “secret”. The mushing world has certainly taken note.

This kind of canine athletic performance sets standards long needed for thorough studies in dog care nutrition in general. The vets honored Lance with their prestigious award because they were impressed by his singular approach to dog care. Lance uses a peculiar feed mix to provide what he believes is “proven nutritional performance for dog sports”. It is the cornerstone of his dog care program.

Here are some benchmarks of the dog care nutrition Lance Mackey uses:

- Healthy coats, eyes, and nails are consistent outward signs of excellence in dog care.

- Outstanding focus and happy attitudes are results we all want from a dog care regimen. These are vital in both dog sports and “quality of life” for general canine care.

Strong collagen with connective tissue development is difficult to sustain in any dog care program. Lance’s victories demonstrate this consistent advantage.

- Mature muscular development lacking obesity traits also distinguishes the dog care approach.

- All of this reflects the kind of dog care requirements known to vets for healthy internal organ, bone, and tissue assessment.

Dog care nutrition is the cornerstone to the three components of effective preparation in dog sports: training, nutrition, breeding. Lance Mackey is a super performer no doubt. But, the nutritional advantages gained by this approach, makes his work much easier at levels unimagined before this.

Eric Morris, a research scientist specializing in canine nutrition, recommends the nutrition used by World Champion Lance Mackey: Interested in the dog care/dog sports?

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