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New Dog Training Guidelines And Tips

Scientific studies show that puppies respond to external touch when they are in their mother’s womb. A puppy can be studied extensively while it is still in its mother’s womb from as early as the fourth week of gestation. It has been propounded that a puppy has a profound sense of touch even as a fetus due to its highly developed motor skills.

Dogs are prone to grow so fond of a particular place that they become violently moody when they are taken away from it. Localization is a phase that a puppy goes through in which it attaches itself to a particular location and is terrified away from it. Puppies between six and seven weeks old are more prone to experience localization.

In training your dog, you should use consistent commands in order not to confuse it. Dogs that get used to a particular command in a certain context are unable to respond to the same command in a different context. You should be consistent in your tone when training your dog in order to avoid confusing it.

It is essential that you punish your dog for any improper behavior the instant it displays it to discourage it from the behavior in the future. If you don’t punish your dog the minute it misbehaves, it will not know what it has done and will probably keep on doing it. If you punish your dog much later for an action it committed hours before, it will not be able to understand the reason why you punished it and will probably distance itself from you.

Give your dog plenty of room to respond to your directives when training it. Don’t treat your dog disdainfully when training it or it may not respond accordingly. Bear in mind that training your dog can be quite tasking and try to exercise patience.

The kind of learning environment that you train your dog in counts as it contributes to the success of the training. A learning environment that is too noisy may distract your dog from doing what you command it to do. Make sure that your dog has all that it needs to feel comfortable before you start any training session.

Dogs need to be potty trained. Potty training a dog is part of its training program. A dog that leaves its excreta all over your house can hardly be viewed as ‘cute’. You need to teach your dog so that it lets you know when it wants to relieve itself.

Training your dog makes it fit perfectly as a member of the family. A well mannered dog can be the source of joy to the owner and a source of envy to the owner of a misbehaving dog. With a trained dog, you will definitely be happier.

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