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Puppies Add To A Child's Life

A near tragedy, which changed my daughter’s life forever, can be linked to a fateful day when she saw a puppies for sale sign in a yard two blocks from our home. My daughter has always loved dogs. We had a hunting dog that was getting quite old. My husband and I knew that we were not going to have him as part of the family for much longer, but we did not know how we were going to break this news to our daughter.

She was ten years old at the time and much attached to the dog that was eleven years old. She came home from school one day very excited because she saw a puppies for sale sign in a neighbor’s yard. She had seen the sing from the school bus window. She wanted to know if we could go see the puppies. I told her that her father only bought dogs that were registered and that we had not idea what kind of puppies the neighbors had for sale. The people that had the puppies for sale were new to the neighborhood so we did not know them or what breed of dog they owned. She begged to go see the puppies. I promised her we would walk over after supper and see them. I convinced her to help me make a batch of cookies so we could take them along to welcome the family into the neighborhood.

We went to the house that had the puppies for sale and knocked on the door. You could hear dogs barking and a baby crying but no one came to the door. We rang the bell several times and then knocked on the door. I was concerned because the child crying sounded frantic. I looked in the side window by the door and saw a woman lying on the floor. I tried the door and it was opened. The woman was obviously pregnant and unconscious.

The telephone was lying on the floor next to her. In a ply pen was her 12 month old son crying. In another playpen was a mother dog with seven puppies. I called 911 and within minutes the paramedics arrived and delivered that baby in front of us. My daughter was awestruck. The woman’s husband was out of town on business and not due back until the next day. She had struck her head when she fell. The doctor’s told her that if we had not come over she and the baby most likely would have died. The puppies for sale sign saved her life.

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