Puppy Gear

Gear That Every Saavy Puppy Needs

When you are getting a new puppy, there is bound to be some excitement. In all the excitement, forgetting certain important items is bound to happen. One way to avoid forgetting to buy these important items is to make a list and keep it where you can add things as you think of them. Keep in mind that not everything your puppy will need has to be bought at one time. Remember that not everything is a need, rather a want. Here are a few things that will be needed in preparation for the arrival of your new puppy.

Food and water are definitely a necessity, along with a bowl or two to keep them in. Make sure you choose a food that is specifically for puppies. This puppy food will help your dog grow strong and healthy, and is easier to chew and digest. Water is also very important to a dog, so make sure there are two bowls, one for food and one for water.

Buying a leash and collar for your puppy is also a very good idea. Make sure you get a leash and collar that is the proper size for your puppy. Getting a collar that fits your dog properly is very important. The leash and collar will be important for taking your dog outside to go potty, and go for walks. You don’t want to just let the dog go outside loose, or he may run and get lost. If you plan on going on walks, chances are you will also need to get a pooper scooper, due to the increasing places where it is required that you pick up after your dog.

A way to confine your dog is also something you will want to think about. If you are at work and have your dog indoors or outdoors, either way you will need a way to confine the dog. If you keep the puppy inside, a gate comes in very handy. The gate will keep your dog in one room of the house. A room with hard floor that is easily cleaned is a good choice. If your dog is to be outside dog, a fenced yard is a great idea which can give the dog plenty of room to play. If your dog is an outside dog, some sort of shelter from the weather is a good idea. You can decide on either a dog house, a corner under your deck, or any other option you can think of.

Cleaners for your dog and your carpet will also be needed. Your new puppy is bound to have accidents while the housebreaking is taking place and cleaner will be needed to properly clean up the messes so they don’t stain and smell. Shampoo will also be needed to keep the dog smelling and looking clean. In addition to the shampoo, a brush is used to groom the dog after the bath.

A couple other items your puppy will need are some toys he can chew on and play with. If your puppy does not have toys, he will chew on anything he can get his teeth on. Your puppy may chew on other things even if he does have toys to chew on so beware. A bed for your dog to sleep on is also a good idea. You can buy a dog bed, or use a big pillow and blanket, whichever you prefer.

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