Springer Spaniel Puppies

Springers Make Adorable Pets

When I grew up, my uncle kept springer spaniels around the barn. Not only were they great farm dogs – smart, obedient, and hard-working – but they were also a lot of fun to play with. When my kids asked for springer spaniel puppies, however, I was a little bit hesitant at first. I have always believed that work dogs should be given work. This is not a matter of morality, but simply a matter of understanding their temperament. There are some breeds that are happy to play all day, And other ones that are happy to just lie around. Spaniel dog breeds, however, need to be put to work. Springer spaniel puppies get bored if they are not given something to do, you see, and become depressed and bad tempered.

When I saw a sign for puppies for sale, however, I immediately took my kids there. I didn't even think about it. I knew that they each wanted a springer spaniel puppy, but I did not know that these were among the puppies that were being sold. After all, we weren't going to a springer spaniel breeder, and purebred puppies are hard to find. Nonetheless, I was surprised when several of them turned out to be English springer spaniel puppies. One of them looked almost exactly like the dog that I had grown up with! When I saw them and I saw the looks on my kid's faces, my heart instantly melted. I could not say no anymore. Each of them came home with their own springer spaniel puppy.

Raising the springer spaniel puppies was hard work. I told them that they could have them on the one condition that they raised them as I told them to. They agreed with me, not quite realizing how much work raising puppies was. This is one of the reasons that pets are so popular. Not only do kids like them, but adults value the responsibility that they teach the children. Raising springer spaniel puppies meant that they had to take them for walks every single day after school. Sometimes, this was a lot of fun, but other times it was a big inconvenience. No matter what kind of mood they were in, however, each of my kids had to take a Springer spaniel puppy for a walk. We got to watch them grow up into well-trained, well behaved dogs. This was a joy for all of us.

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