Stop Cat Spraying

How To Stop Spraying Of Cats

If you observe that you cat gets into an agitated state, with its tail lifted and is backing himself towards the door or any other thing and urinates, it means it is suffering from some problem. This is a common problem in cats that are not allowed to go out of the house and is referred to as “spraying”. It is no doubts, a problem which can annoy you and the cat both, but it can be easily treated.

As a lot many of you think, the spraying problem is not related to the litter box; in fact it is related to the habit of ‘marking’. Pheromones, present in the spray of the cat urine is something which these animals use to communicate with each other. They are almost like the fingerprints of the human beings, which identify them. Similarly, cats can be identified through pheromones, to the other animals.

As cats are known to be territorial, they have a habit of marking their territory, and they do so by spraying, which is also a sign for others that this territory belongs to the cat. This may be quite annoying but the problem would not be resolved by getting angry by the cat. Raising your voice or showing anger to the cat would only result in frequent repetitions.

The smell of urine tends to attract cats in heat and for them spraying is kind of an attraction, a signal for love. You may even notice that a cat that has been spraying during heat gives birth to kittens after some months. It is not necessary that cats spray only in heat; they may also do so following some stress or interaction with other cats.

Spraying might be a way of the cats to communicate but for the humans, the smell is quite annoying and irritating. In general, most of the times the cats spray when they are out of the house, but in case your cat remains inside the house all the time, this means trouble. In case you notice spraying inside the house, take necessary measures to prevent and stop it.

The simplest and the most convenient methods to restrict spraying are to get the cat spayed or neutered, which is based on the sex of the cat. Spraying usually stops in male cats, on the very day, the surgery is performed. This option may not be suitable for you, if you wish to breed the cat sometime in future. In such case, you can not get the cat spayed or neutered, but you can choose other ways of preventing it.

Immediately consult the veterinary doctor if you face such a situation. He may be the right person to talk to and can guide you some ways to handle the situation without surgery too. This can be caused due to some medical reason as well which can be determined by the veterinary doctor. But make sure to take the necessary action as soon as you observe spraying because apart from carrying a horrible smell, the spraying may also leave stains in different areas of the house.

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