Types Of Cats

Which To Choose?

There are a number of cat breeds out there today, and deciding on the right breed for you and your family need not be a difficult task at all. We have compiled a handy guide to help you select the perfect cat breed.

Quiet Or Noisy Cats

An important consideration when choosing a cat is the noise level that they will generate. You will need to consider whether you can handle a vocal type cat. There are cat breeds that can actually be very noisy. For the most part, many cat owners don't have a problem with vocal breeds. They realize that their cat is just trying to communicate with them. However, vocal cats may pose a problem if you are living in an apartment. The following breeds can be very vocal: the Korat, Siamese Cats, and the Burmese. If you are looking for a quieter cat then you might want to consider: the Somali, Scottish Fold, or the American Curl.

Cuddly Or Playful

The next decision that you will want to make is to determine whether you want a cat that is more of an aloof breed or one that is more affectionate and cuddly. Some of the considerations to keep in mind are the amount of free time that you can spare. If you have a lot of available time then a cuddly cat who craves attention may be a great choice. Affectionate cuddly cats are also a great choice for those with children.

Friendliest Cat Breeds:

Maine Coon
Himalayan Persian

Less Sociable Breeds

Russian Shorthair
Norwegian Forest

If you are looking for a cat breed that will not get into constant mischief, and ones that can amuse themselves, then the following breeds may be a bad choice:

British Angora

These cats have a lot of energy and can be very inquisitive. These breeds are an excellent choice for someone who has a lot of free time and is home-bound. They can be a great source of entertainment; in fact the Rex can be enjoyable and silly to watch as he attempts to amuse those around him.

Other Important Features

There are also other important features that you want to look at in addition to the right temperament of the cat. An important feature to consider when choosing the right cat is whether you want a long haired or short haired breed. This is especially important to those owners who do not have a great deal of time to devote to a pet. These owners may want to opt for a short haired breed. The attraction of a fuzzy ball of fluff may look great, but grooming adult long haired cats can be very time consuming. A cat's coat of hair can tangle and matt up right down to its skin at an alarming rate if you do not provide proper grooming. If this should happen, your only choice is to have him completely shaved, which can be very traumatic. Your cat would need to be sedated, and this could pose some potential health risks.

Making The Final Choice

Having looked at the many different cat breeds and their unique features, you are now able to begin selecting your new cat. You should first ask yourself a few questions such as: should I get a baby kitten, or start with a feline that is somewhat older or even one that has been abandoned.

There are many new kittens available at various cat shows, and you might want to check out your local listings. There will more than likely be a number of cat exhibitors who are looking at selling some of their kitten litter. A great place to find an older feline would be at the humane society, or possibly the animal shelter in your town.


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