Underground Fence For Dogs

Facts About Underground Fences For Dogs

Do you have an aggressive dog? Worried that he might run away or attack people from your neighborhood? Underground fence is an easy way to contain and train your dog and keep him away from possible dangers all the time.

Unlike the traditional wood or metal fences, this type of fence is cheaper and a lot easier to maintain and install, allowing you to keep your dog secure inside and outside your yard while he’s playing or exercising without spending too much money.

There are various good reasons for using this kind of dog containment system. Aside from safety and security reasons, underground dog fence is a good method to comply with your dog’s exercise needs and leash laws, as well as to show neighborly courtesy. When many conventional fences do not work anymore in training your canine to behave properly, an underground dog fence is a good alternative option.

But what exactly is an underground fence? This innovative containment technology, also known as wireless dog fence, is an underground system intentionally made to contain your dog without the use of any force that might hurt him while inside the area.

Usually, the entire system consists of the following things: a collar receiver, a transmitter and a boundary. The collar receiver is worn by the dog. The boundary can be either an in-ground fence or a boundary set by a wireless transmitter. The transmitter makes use of the buried loop of wire to emit a radio signal. Inside the collar, you will see a small radio receiver which gets the signal from the transmitter.

It is called an underground fence because it is buried underground. This system is effective especially if installed properly smooth, loose soil or clay in a 20-gauge wiring or a rocky soil in an 18-gauge wire system. Nowadays, you can buy various types of underground fence, varying in sizes and the range of area.

Just like any other battery-operated dog containment devices, an underground fence needs to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure its functionality. Always check whether the wire is intact and has power. You also need to inspect the the receiver regularly to be sure that the battery is fully functioning. Replace the battery as necessary or every three months.

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The author is a dog trainer connected to a company that specializes in safe and effective underground fence, wireless fences and other electronic pet containment systems that are affordable and easy to install.

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